Cameroon’s Knight for Seniors Visits Fairhaven

Cameroon’s Knight for Seniors Visits Fairhaven

“Residents and staff of the Integrace Fairhaven community met Thursday with a visitor who has a very special interest in them: Francis Njuakom, a champion of women’s rights, senior rights and elder care in the West African nation of Cameroon.

The executive director of the internationally recognized Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance, or CDVTA, he has spent almost two decades working to create empathy and legal standing for seniors in his country.

‘I am in the United States of America, and particularly today at Integrace, to share the experience of the work we have been doing in Cameroon for the last 18 years,’ Njuakom said in an interview. ‘To also learn from the American care system, from the Integrace initiatives and cultural exchanges that may help me gain skills and knowledge that can help promote our work back in Cameroon.’

Njuakom, 44, was born into a polygamist society in which women had few rights and even fewer securities in old age, he told the three dozen people gathered at Fairhaven, in Sykesville, on Thursday evening. His father took three wives, with whom he had more than 20 children, divided among three bamboo huts in what Njuakom called a very common, very poor African scene at the base of a mountain.”

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