Recreation and Engagement at Fairhaven

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Recreation and Engagement at Fairhaven

As a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), Integrace Fairhaven’s approach to Recreation and Engagement is all about creating personalized activities that are meaningful for each resident. Whether they live in independent living, assisted living, comprehensive care or rehabilitation, Fairhaven offers residents countless opportunities to connect with their passions.

“We think of it as ‘purposeful programming,’ explains Heather Bain, CTRS, Fairhaven’s Director of Recreation and Engagement. “While we still plan small group activities, we’re putting more emphasis on one-on-one activities.”

Individualized Recreation Programs

What does one-on-one recreation look like? “That depends on the resident,” Heather says. “For a resident who was a landscaper in his professional life, we helped him find ways to continue working with plants, like potting houseplants or arranging flowers.”

Another resident who loves to read and share biblical poems found a creative outlet in leading a devotional group. She selects hymns and discusses life experiences during the devotion group. “There are so many ways we can help residents use their talents and interests to benefit not only themselves, but other residents,” Heather explains.

For those who enjoy group activities, Fairhaven has active craft and knitting groups, as well as men and women’s poker, bridge, and arts classes.

Days Filled with Music and Nature

Heather believes that music is an important personal connection. “We do one-on-one music with residents, playing songs that have special meaning to them. It has an amazing effect on mood and outlook,” she says. “We’re even using it in our rehab area to promote well-being during the healing process.”

Staying in touch with nature is an essential part of happiness for some residents, who especially enjoy field trips to outdoor locations. “When it snowed recently, we took a trip to Dunkin Donuts for Hot Chocolate, then we stopped at Piney Run Nature Center, to let residents take in the beautiful views of a snowy landscape. It was very peaceful and calming. The residents had a great time reminiscing about the things they did for winter fun when they were kids or with their children.”

Fairhaven’s beautiful nature trails offer an ideal place for a calming walk, quiet spot for meditation or perfect location for bird-watching.

A Personalized Continuing Care Retirement Community

At Fairhaven, recreation and engagement is about interacting with each resident on a deep level that meets their physical, mental, cognitive and emotional needs. “It’s all about getting back to the roots of who they are,” Heather says. “Really looking at each person, and helping them find what is joyful.”

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